Pre-Start Safety Check

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According to Safe Work Australia pre-start safety checks or procedures should include:

  • Checking steering, brakes (including park brakes), controls and lights.
  • Reviewing all warning devices is operational.
  • Ensuring load capacity data plates are fitted, legible and correct.
  • Inspecting lift and tilt systems including the correct operation of attachments such as clamps, hydraulics lines (for oil leaks), chains, cables and limits.
  • Mast: check for signs of wear, damage, cracks or repairs.
  • Ensuring guarding is in place and functional, for example, around the battery compartment or fuel lines.
  • Inspecting fork arms and attachments (for deformation, damage or wear)
  • Checking liquid levels, for example, hydraulic oil, brake fluid and water.
  • Reviewing gas cylinders, where relevant, and its securing system.
  • Check the condition and adjustment of the seat and seat belts to ensure they work reliably.
  • Inspecting each tyre for wear, damage, and inflation (pneumatic types)

Forklift pre-start safety checks should only be conducted by trained operators, while repairs and maintenance must be completed by qualified and authorised personnel. If any defects are identified from the pre-start checks, forklift operators must complete the operational checklists with details and they must be recorded and reported in accordance with the employer’s defect reporting systems.

In addition to ensuring operator and other employee safety, the pre-start safety checks will also reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity, reduce downtime, improve the condition of the forklift and reduce maintenance costs for your organisation.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing forklifts to organisations nationwide, MLA has developed an exceptional reputation for providing forklifts that operate at peak performance. MLA’s trained technicians can almost immediately respond to any defects identified by forklift operators in the pre-start safety checklist inspection.

Information for this article was sourced from Safe Work Australia.

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