Forklift Speeding


We've all seen the carnage and devastation that speeding causes on our roads. Speeding is not limited to road vehicles and open highways, unfortunately it's prominent at the workplace and on many occasions it involves forklifts. A forklift is an extremely dangerous piece of equipment, and negligent operation can be deadly.

Why a Forklift Licence is not Enough



In order to operate most types of forklifts, operators must hold a high risk work licence, issued by the relevant work health and safety regulator. A common mistake among employers and operators themselves, is assuming that everyone who holds a high risk work licence is trained and competent to perform all types of forklift related work. In most cases, extra in-house, site and machine specific training is required. Operators must be adequately trained to perform the work they are required to carry out.

Forklift Approach Warning Light System

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How many times have you turned a corner or a blind spot and been shocked or surprised by what's met you? In a warehouse environment, it's a very real possibility that next time you turn a corner you will be met by a forklift, a heavy and dangerous forklift that can seriously hurt you. A forklift approach warning light warns pedestrians and operators of approaching forklifts, predominantly when they are not in view.

Forklift Load Security

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You've seen loads come crashing off forklifts before. You've seen forklift operators driving recklessly with the load hanging off the forklift. Unfortunately you may have also seen this negligent behaviour result in serious injury. Forklifts are designed to carry a variety of different loads. Loads can be heavy, awkward, odd shapes and sizes and slippery to name a few. A forklift's load can be just as dangerous as the forklift itself. Many accidents have occurred when the operator has failed to secure their load, even though they've taken great care while driving.

March/April 2015 Newsletter

SA officebreaking

New forklifts, new South Australian branch, and employee milestones feature in the March/April 2015 MLA Newsletter.

Ken's Korner

Over the years as our company continued to grow all of our original rented premises have groaned under the strain of this expansion and it has been necessary to move to bigger premises in all mainland states...

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Bigger and Better MLA Adelaide

In an exciting start to 2015, MLA Holdings is delighted to announce that the South Australian branch moved to a brand new location in February. The new premises are located at 585 South Road, Regency Park, SA, 5010. MLA is looking forward to serving its South Australian customers from this new location with the quality and forklift service that its reputation is built on. The rapid growth of MLA's sales of forklifts in Adelaide and the Mitsubishi Forklift brand in South Australia necessitated the move to much larger premises...

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New Forklifts

2015 promises to be an exciting year for MLA Holdings with the arrival of several new forklifts. After the successful introduction of the brand new FD70NM in late 2014, MLA is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of four new forklifts in 2015, adding to an already impressive range of counterbalance forklifts and warehouse forklifts. Due to arrive soon are the SENSIA RB-N2 reach truck, the RBF-CA reach truck, the FD160AN1 Diesel Counterbalance forklift, and the long awaited Pantograph double deep reach truck.

These new forklifts embody Mitsubishi's famous quality and reliability and are all expected to be available in Australia exclusively from MLA Holdings during 2015...


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Congratulations to Andrew Fiske and Nassar Rahiman on their respective achievements with MLA Holdings.


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