September 2019 Newsletter

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Ken's Korner, MLA National Mangers' Conference 2019, Can improving safety in your workplace also improve efficiencies?, It all started with a flat battery, Aquisitions Fuel MLA's expansion issue of the MLA Newsletter:


Ken's Korner

Wow! Another financial year over already, and another successful one for MLA as we continue our long run of profitable years and continued growth.

The standout growth feature of 2018-19 was our purchase of Hunter Forklifts in Newcastle.

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MLA National Mangers' Conference 2019

With the 2018-19 financial year closed, the month of July saw MLA Head Office host the 2019 National Managers’ Conference. The three-day conference brought branch managers to Sydney to plan for continued success in the new financial year.

Managing Director Ken Rathgen welcomed everyone to the conference and Operations Director Matt Saunders outlined the conference goals. “MLA has a lot of strategically important opportunities to develop in the coming year and specific actions and programs to drive sustainable improvement that will be implemented with the branch managers leading their teams,” he said.


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Can improving safety in your workplace also improve efficiencies?

Business is constantly seeking to improve workplace safety and efficiency. There is sometimes concern that adding safety elements will crimp efficiency. MLA can show how safety and efficiency go hand in hand.

Take Torresan Estate, a McLaren Vale winery, bottling and warehousing business with brand new bottling lines in South Australia. When it was looking for replacement forklifts, it needed a bespoke solution. Any new forklift needed to use minimal aisle space because of a tight warehouse environment. Another requirement was the capacity for advanced manoeuvrability due to surroundings with sensitive production equipment....


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It all started with a flat battery

Australian specialty wholesale bakery Wild Breads Pty Ltd first contacted MLA back in 2013, seeking to trade in an old pantograph reach truck with a dead battery.

MLA Queensland’s Neil Waters quoted a new Reach Truck RB14N from the Mitsubishi European factory with full freezer protection. And to help Wild Breads Pty Ltd through, MLA technicians kept the old reach truck running with a new battery until the special-order Mitsubishi was available.

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Acquisitions Fuel MLA's Expansion

Congratulations go to Martin Gauci on winning the MLA 2017 salesperson of the year award. This is the sixth year in a row that Martin has won this award, which speaks to his absolute passion and dedication. Martin knows forklifts inside out and has been selling our Mitsubishi machines for nearly 20 years. Before that, he worked as a motor mechanic and supervisor with Mitsubishi and also ran his own business for 13 years...


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Forklift safety cages and other ways to keep a safer warehouse

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 sep 20192september sb 2019   

Forklifts or lifts trucks as some prefer to call it are very useful to most businesses. However, many accidents, injuries and even fatalities involved the reliable forklift. A moving forklift can pose serious risks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about preventing such incidents from happening.

Proper Fork and Chain Inspections

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 forkliftaugust sb   

Forks and chains lift hundreds of thousands of kilos each shift and unchecked wear on either can cause a load to come crashing to the ground.  This can result in severe damage to property, or even injury or death. That’s one reason WorkCover in Australia require a daily inspection of each lift truck in operation. WorkCover provide few specifics on what or how to inspect it. Below are some specific areas to inspect to help ensure forks and chains are in safe operating order.

Safety precautions for reducing forklift accidents

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 july sb 2july sb   

Forklifts are constantly in motion, playing a significant role in the world of commerce. With that notion, keeping safety top of mind is critical in material handling.

Almost 100,000 accidents happen each year around forklifts. While even one injury or incident resulting from the misuse of forklifts is too many, there are tools and methods that can help create a safe environment and help avoid future occurrences. Some contributing factors to watch out for in helping to prevent accidents are workspace layout and design, inadequate training and improper maintenance. It’s essential to incorporate the right safety techniques in these key areas.

How to improve safety around forklifts

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 pedestrian safetyjune 2019   

Forklifts pose several risks to pedestrians in the workplace. The rear counterweight can turn very quickly (running the risk of crushing a pedestrian), plus they are heavy, take time to stop and have several blind spots. Forklifts can be dangerous when not treated with respect and can inflict serious damage to worksite property and worse, cause injuries or even death.


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