3.5t to 7.0t Engine Cushion Tyre Counterbalance Forklifts

Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: FGC35K-FGC70K Series
Model: Engine Cushion Tyre Forklifts
Capacity: 3.5 - 7.0 tonnes
Fuel Type: LPG/Petrol
Maximum Lift Height: 7000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 4090mm - 4400mm
Tyre Type: CushionTyre
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With its powerful Mitsubishi engine, heavy duty masts and rugged, ultrastable construction, you can rely on this forklift to deliver high productivity day after day, year after year. At the same time, you will enjoy the benefits of a refined driving experience, low noise and low emissions.

Use of cushion tyres has allowed the designers to develop a compact forklift with an extremely low centre of gravity, offering high residual capacities. The tyres give excellent traction on smooth surfaces and reduce energy consumption. To gain the utmost advantage from these features, operators are provided with a comfortable, ergonomic operating compartment and smooth, precise controls.

Achieving the perfect balance between performance and value is a near obsession at Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. That’s why the FGC35K-FGC70K cushion tire forklifts are equipped with a rugged GM 4.3 liter V6 engine and a 3-fluid cooling system. The cooling system features an innovative engine oil cooler that helps maintain low operating temperatures, even in the heaviest load applications. Standard feature such as an engine protection system, front headlights and a back-up alarm enhance the value of these forklifts while a durable steel frame and engine cover helps protect your investment from the constant material handling abuse. These forklifts are ready to work when you are.


Informative Display Panel

Mounted on the steering column, the instrument panel provides operators with an easy way to monitor select engine functions. Gauges and warning indicator lights can help reduce the risk of costly, unscheduled downtime. Included are gauges for engine coolant temperature, hour meter; and lights for malfunction indicator, transmission oil temperature, low brake fluid level, engine oil pressure, alternator charging and air cleaner service.

Efficient Braking

The vacuum-boosted brake system provides true proportional braking for enhanced operator control. In addition, a reserve vacuum helps boost braking should the engine stall or shut down unexpectedly.

Hydrostatic Steering System

Fully hydrostatic steering helps provide good operator control and maneuverability. A heavy duty, fabricated box construction is designed to protect the steering cylinder from rough surfaces and debris. Tapered roller bearings support the cast iron steer knuckles in the axle housing.

Reliable Transmissions

Forklifts with capacities up to 12,000 lbs use a versatile single-speed transmission to efficiently deliver power to the axle. Higher capacity forklifts use an advanced two-speed automatic transmission to match output to the load carrying capacity. The automatic transmission is designed to prevent starting in second speed, thereby reducing heat build-up and wear. The smooth powershift transmission features inching control and strong acceleration. An air-to-oil cooler helps improve transmission life by lowering oil temperature.

Protective Cooling

To help reduce the risk of overheating, a system was designed to cool the engine coolant, engine oil, and transmission oil separately to help maintain low operating temperatures under continued heavy-load stress. The coolant and engine oil also pass through individual compartments of a high-capacity radiator.

To help ensure clean, full air flow to the transmission oil cooler, it is positioned forward of the fan, high atop the engine, far out of the path of floor dirt and other debris. For efficiency, the unit integrates an oversized 155 sq. inch cooling surface.

Powerful V6 Engine

This forklift is powered by a rugged GM 4.3 liter V6 engine which features hardened valve seats as standard. Its counter-rotating balance shaft and four main bearings reduce vibrations to deliver smooth, quiet performance. The engine produces high torque at low speeds, which is absolutely essential for handling heavy loads. Operators will appreciate the low-speed, idle up governor that helps reduce the chance of stalling when operating under heavy loads. A proven electronically controlled VORTEC® induction system optimizes fuel and air mixture that burns thoroughly to give efficient low-end power while meeting stringent EPA requirements.


Added Maneuverability

Lead-filled counterweights on the FGC40KSTC, FGC55K-STC and FGC70K-STC models permit a tighter turning radius.

Quick Engine Access

Routine inspection and maintenance can be performed easily because the entire engine compartment is quickly accessible. No tools are needed to remove the floor plate or covers. Gas-assist cylinders allow the hood to open easily for routine maintenance. Under the hood, major components can be accessed without the time-consuming use of tools. The air-cleaner, dipsticks and brake fluid reservoir are within easy reach and a single bolt adjusts the fan belt.

Ready. Reliable. Right On The Money.

Manufactured with superior quality and exceptional value, Mitsubishi forklift trucks are supported by a local dealer and field support network. Dealer locations exist throughout North and South America, offering flexible financing options and product support.

Value And Support For The Long Haul

Our programs deliver value just like our forklifts. One example is our parts program, designed to be your single source for quality replacement parts — no matter what forklift brand you own. Another is the Master Protection® program which offers extended powertrain warranties for your Mitsubishi forklifts. Your Mitsubishi forklift dealer offers a comprehensive line of products and services including Master Maintenance® programs, which tailor service and maintenance to your specific applications. Your Mitsubishi forklift dealer can provide options and additional visual and audible warning devices aimed at your specific applications and requirements. Operator training programs are also available to help reduce the potential for product damage and personal injury.

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