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Reach Trucks

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Compact European design and high performance using innovative technology with highly ergonomic working conditions the Mitsubishi RBN Reach Truck range demands consideration. Various models are available for applications handling pallets in narrow aisles, operating in drive-through or drive-in racking and for multi-directional applications for long loads. . Whether for extremely narrow areas or low clearances the Mitsubishi RBN Reach Truck range offer the perfect solution for every application.

0.9t -3.0t – Stand-on Reach Trucks

Today's demanding warehouse applications call for advanced reach trucks. This...

1.4t - 2.0t - Sit-on Reach Trucks

RBF-CA Series, one of the most reliable and versatile reach trucks in the...

1.4t – 2.5t – Sit-on Reach Trucks

This outstanding reach truck range brings together a tremendous package of...

1.8t Stand-on Pantograph Reach Trucks

With double deep load handling capability, the new series of pantograph reach...

2.0t – 2.5t – Multi-way Reach Trucks

These highly specialised trucks are designed to tackle the problem of handling...

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