Importance of the Forklift Pre-Start Checklist System


It is a short process that will only take a few minutes, a few important minutes that could prevent serious injury and even death. The importance of the forklift pre-start checklist system is undeniable; it helps ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Protect Forklift Operators from Heat Stress

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With another scorching Australian summer upon us, it’s extremely important that employers and employees are aware of the dangers of heat stress.

Simple useful tips for operating a forklift safely

A forklift can cause injury to workers and damage to equipment if it is not operated properly. The importance of continuously increase awareness on forklift safety to avoid incidents and injuries at the workplace cannot be understated.

December 2017 Newsletter


Mitsubishi Velia ES low order picker, Mitsubishi FGE35AN, Mitsubishi FG25AN with Hydraulic Forks, MLA 2017 Salesperson of the year award all feature in the November/December issue of the MLA Newsletter:


Forklift Safety: Don't Blame the Driver

How facility operators can create a safer environment for forklifts, pedestrians, and drivers.

Environmental Factors are often ignored: One percent of factory accidents involve forklift trucks, but forklift accidents produce ten percent of the physical injuries. That’s an astonishing ratio, but not all that surprising given
the nature of forklifts and the way they are utilized. Forklifts are dense, heavy-mass vehicles. When they collide with something – or someone – the results are devastating, even at low speeds.


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