Terms and Conditions

  • Campaign applicable to Mitsubishi Grendia 1.8T – 3.5T FGE series available stock, while stock lasts.
  • Customer orders must be confirmed with MLA prior to close of business October 31st 2023.
  • Orders received prior to 10th October 2023 are ineligible.
  • Campaign applicable to New unit Sales and Permanent Hire (Not less than 36 month term).
  • Cash Back is redeemable as a $1,000 Gift Card provided by MLA or a $1,000 Credit against your MLA customer account.
  • Account Credits are redeemable against Service, Parts, Rental invoices following payment and delivery of the equipment.
  • Account Credits can be redeemed on a one for one basis (ie. 1 truck = $1,000 Credit, 3 trucks = $3,000 Credit).
  • Gift Cards can be redeemed on a one for one basis and is payable following payment and delivery of the equipment order.
  • Customers receiving Gift Cards accept to receive an MLA Marketing Department call and brief survey.

Mitsubishi FGE includes

Electronic fuel injector

Mitsubishi Grendia’s advanced gasoline engine, which helped pioneer the standard use of electronically controlled fuel injection and three-way catalytic convertors in forklift trucks, providing fuel efficient engines complying with the industries emission level standards, whilst maintaining high performance.

Two-level high/low speed limiter

The automatic speed limiter can be set to two levels – outdoors (HIGH) and indoors (LOW). Drivers can alternate between two speed limits at the flick of a switch. This feature provides the operator with fuel efficiency and safety when operating indoors and perfromance to productively complete outdoor tasks.

Ergonomic swing down cradle

Provides ergonomic benefits including:

  • Frees the LPG tank from over the counterweight and lowers the tank to minimise arm and back strain.
  • Simplifies LPG tank installation and removal.

Mast and travel interlock

Mitsubishi Grendia forklifts are equipped with mast and travel interlock protection device that is linked to the operator’s seat. If the operator is not seated, the mast and (for torque-convertor models) the movement of the vehicle itself is automatically locked in order to prevent injury or damage to property.

Lift lock

The fork on the Mitsubishi Grendia is automatically locked when the ignition is switched off, so it remains in position even if the lift lever is accidentally bumped or moved.