Forklift Safety

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The forklift truck is one of the most widely-used tools in today’s workplace, spanning multiple industries. From warehouses to construction and every industry in between, forklifts can conquer heavy-lifting with ease. This ease, however, also presents many dangers. Fortunately, the dangers can be balanced through proper use, training, and safety awareness. The following are some free or low-cost ways you can ensure forklift safety in your own industry.

MLA Holdings Expands to Hunter, Newcastle, Central Coast, Gold Coast

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MLA Holdings Expands to Hunter, Newcastle, Central Coast, Gold Coast!

How to operate pedestrian forklifts safely

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Pedestrian Operated Forklifts (POFs) differ from forklift trucks because they are not intended to be controlled by an operator riding on the vehicle. While similar safe operating and maintenance procedures apply to all types of forklifts, the following control measures relate specifically to POFs. A licence/certificate is not required to operate POFs.

Forklifts - Getting on and off Safely

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How to reduce or eliminate the workplace health and safety risks from forklifts by making sure operators can get on and off safely.


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