Importance of the Forklift Pre-Start Checklist System

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It is a short process that will only take a few minutes, a few important minutes that could prevent serious injury and even death. The importance of the forklift pre-start checklist system is undeniable; it helps ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Protect Forklift Operators from Heat Stress

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With another scorching Australian summer upon us, it’s extremely important that employers and employees are aware of the dangers of heat stress.

Simple useful tips for operating a forklift safely

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A forklift can cause injury to workers and damage to equipment if it is not operated properly. The importance of continuously increase awareness on forklift safety to avoid incidents and injuries at the workplace cannot be understated.

December 2017 Newsletter

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Mitsubishi Velia ES low order picker, Mitsubishi FGE35AN, Mitsubishi FG25AN with Hydraulic Forks, MLA 2017 Salesperson of the year award all feature in the November/December issue of the MLA Newsletter:


Ken's Korner

This year we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Australia. Mr. Y. Chatani our Chairman and Mr. M. (Mike) Itani both based in Osaka, planned to visit Sydney for the meeting on 26th September but regretfully, Mike Itani was hospitalised with a serious illness and could not attend. This was the frst AGM he has missed since MLA’s inception in 1980.

We are pleased to advise that Mike’s condition seems to be gradually improving and is expected to return home soon. As a consequence, Mr. Chatani was forced to make the trip to...

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What Happens When You Ask Drivers to Help Design a Better Order Picker

In designing its award-winning VELIA ES low level order picker, Mitsubishi went to drivers for ideas on how to make the order picking process better. No surprise – the result is a machine that delivers on the golden trinity of safety, comfort and effciency. And industry reviews confrm it, with special praise for its ergonomics, energy effciency, electric steering system and manoeuvrability. The many clever design features have the capacity to
deliver staggering picking productivity gains of up to 20%. At frst glance, the VELIA ES’ most noticeable feature is its spacious walk-through operator compartment. The platform is the biggest in the market and it features a low 105mm entry step, reducing the risk of tripping while also easing strain on the knee joints of operators who may be constantly stepping on and off during their shift.

Mitsubishi Velia ES

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Getting beer bottles to brewers just got easier - lift two pallets at once!

With summer coming, logistics giant Dangerous Goods Logistics (DGL) needed a solution to speed up delivery of glass beer bottles from the O-I glass facility in Yatala, Queensland, to major brewers. MLA had the answer, but it took some trust on the part of DGL to give it a go. After all, we were suggesting they start lifting two pallets at once. As long-time customers of MLA and fans of Mitsubishi Forklifts, DGL decided to buy four Mitsubishi FGE35ANs on spec, each with Cascade double pallet handler attachments. MLA also supplied dual cameras with each machine to improve operator load management...

MLA Double Pallet Hander

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Hydraulic Forks drive productivity gains for AirRoad at Melbourne warehouse

They say that in boxing, a long reach is a huge advantage in the square ring. The same could be said of two Mitsubishi forklifts at a Melbourne warehouse operated by freight and logistics group, AirRoad. Since introducing the two FG25N forklifts, ftted with hydraulic telescopic forks, the group has been saving time, space and money. These forklifts allow drivers to load or unload trucks and trains entirely from one side. This streamlining of the handling process has delivered time savings of around 25% and reductions in mileage, fuel consumption and tyre wear...

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Martin Gauci Wins MLA's Salesperson of the Year Award

Congratulations go to Martin Gauci on winning the MLA 2017 salesperson of the year award. This is the sixth year in a row that Martin has won this award, which speaks to his absolute passion and dedication. Martin knows forklifts inside out and has been selling our Mitsubishi machines for nearly 20 years. Before that, he worked as a motor mechanic and supervisor with Mitsubishi and also ran his own business for 13 years...

20170807 093242

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MLA Finance Director Meets HIH Prince Ermias of Ethiopia

As a member of the Ethiopian community in Sydney, MLA Finance Director Girma Dabi had the privilege of meeting and having some photos taken with a member of the Ethiopian royal family, earlier this year...


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Forklift Safety: Don't Blame the Driver

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How facility operators can create a safer environment for forklifts, pedestrians, and drivers.

Environmental Factors are often ignored: One percent of factory accidents involve forklift trucks, but forklift accidents produce ten percent of the physical injuries. That’s an astonishing ratio, but not all that surprising given
the nature of forklifts and the way they are utilized. Forklifts are dense, heavy-mass vehicles. When they collide with something – or someone – the results are devastating, even at low speeds.


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