Understand your Load Rating and Load Centres

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There are a large number of forklift attachments that can be purchased to meet the needs of various applications. When attachments are used on a forklift a specific rating for that attachment is required. It is important for forklift operators to have a clear understanding of their forklifts lifting capacity and the risks associated with exceeding the rated capacity of the forklift.

Forklift Operators Compartment Safety Features

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In any forklift truck, the part that has the biggest impact on safety, performance and running costs is also the most expensive. It's the operator.

Over the life of your forklift truck, you'll spend more on operators' wages than anything else – and with good reason. If your operation is going to be safe, efficient and productive, the driver is your most important investment. The first thing any forklift truck should be is a good place to work – but too many managers dismiss a good cab environment as a luxury. And that's a huge mistake.Great cab design is critical. Here's why:


Forklift Use in Hazardous Areas


Forklift operators encounter multiple hazards each time they operate a forklift. They must identify and safely negotiate each hazard. Many workplace environments however, contain one or multiple areas that are permanently hazardous. In these areas, only modified forklifts can be used and certain regulations must be followed.

Protect Forklift Operators from Heat Stress


With another scorching Australian summer upon us, it's extremely important that employers and employees are aware of the dangers of heat stress. Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments (both indoor and outdoor) may be at risk of heat stress, and that includes forklift operators, who often perform long shifts in these conditions.

Travel Speed Reduction with Mast Elevated

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Forklift tipping incidents are a significant cause of fatalities in the workplace. There are many situations that can lead to a tipping incident, but in all cases the forklift's stability has been compromised by poor driving and poor understanding of the basic principles of forklift stability. One of the factors that compromise the stability of your forklift is driving fast with the mast elevated.


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