Forklift Safety procedures: How to make sure no one gets hurt on-site

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Forklifts are extremely heavy vehicles. They’re used to lift, stack and transfer heavy loads in worksites such as warehouses, factories and shipping yards. If you own a business that uses forklifts on site, you know they’re dangerous when they aren’t treated with respect.

How to ensure forklift safety in the workplace

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No matter how experienced your employees, working with forklifts can pose a serious hazard to staff safety. This machinery doesn’t just pose a threat to those operating the machinery, but to pedestrians that are exposed to them in the working environment. Forklifts weigh upwards of 2,000 kilograms, with this number increasing when carrying a load. Their rear counterweights can turn quickly, take time to stop and have several blind spots. All these factors make operating forklifts safely and working around them with care absolutely vital. Here are some tips to improve forklift safety procedures and processes that can mitigate the risk of injury in the workplace.

Forklift Safety Rules

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 A simple traffic plan with separate driving and walking routes prevents collisions.

December 2019 Newsletter

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Ken's Korner, Looking back over the years, New Managing Director: Matt Saunders, Congratulations Steve Cook on 30 years service, December 2019 issue of the MLA Newsletter:


Ken's Korner

MLA is 40 years old this year.

A long time. Yes, but for the owner of our company, Tercia and Company Ltd (and myself) it all started 50 years ago.

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Looking back over the years

Ken Rathgen’ long association with Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks started with Brambles Limited almost 10 years before the creation of MLA Holdings Pty Ltd. In 1970 Mitsubishi had commenced manufacturing Forklifts of quality in Japan. In 1980 Masuda-san, from Japanese trading company T. Chatani & Co Ltd, invited Ken to head up their new venture distributing Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks in Australia. The first Chairman of MLA was Mr Kanamori and Mike Itani was a founding Director of the company only retiring from this role in 2017.

Mr Kanamori and Masuda-san at T Chatani  Co Office

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New Managing Director: Matt Saunders

We're pleased to announce that, as Ken Rathgen retires after 40 years at the helm of MLA Holdings Pty Ltd, Matt Saunders steps up into the role of Managing Director from January 1st, 2020...

matt saunders

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Congratulations Steve Cook on 30 years Service!

At MLA Holdings, we understand that our staff are our greatest asset, and we are thrilled to honour Steve’s 30-year dedicated service and commitment to MLA. It is our valued staff whose commitment to MLA’s missionand values that make MLA the organisation it is today....

steve cook

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Always separate pedestrians from forklift traffic

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 A simple traffic plan with separate driving and walking routes prevents collisions.


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