Forklift Operators Compartment Safety Features

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In any forklift truck, the part that has the biggest impact on safety, performance and running costs is also the most expensive. It's the operator.

Over the life of your forklift truck, you'll spend more on operators' wages than anything else – and with good reason. If your operation is going to be safe, efficient and productive, the driver is your most important investment. The first thing any forklift truck should be is a good place to work – but too many managers dismiss a good cab environment as a luxury. And that's a huge mistake.Great cab design is critical. Here's why:


Forklift Use in Hazardous Areas

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Forklift operators encounter multiple hazards each time they operate a forklift. They must identify and safely negotiate each hazard. Many workplace environments however, contain one or multiple areas that are permanently hazardous. In these areas, only modified forklifts can be used and certain regulations must be followed.

Travel Speed Reduction with Mast Elevated

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Forklift tipping incidents are a significant cause of fatalities in the workplace. There are many situations that can lead to a tipping incident, but in all cases the forklift's stability has been compromised by poor driving and poor understanding of the basic principles of forklift stability. One of the factors that compromise the stability of your forklift is driving fast with the mast elevated.

Forklift Attachment Safety

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Forklift attachments are used to transport certain loads that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to transport, increase fuel savings by reducing the number of forklift movements required and boost productivity by increasing efficiency. Fitting attachments to a forklift also reduces its load capacity, raising safety concerns in the process.

Forklift Work Near Overhead Power Lines

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Overhead power line contact is one of the biggest causes of fatalities associated with mobile plant and equipment. Forklifts are frequently required to operate in outdoor areas where overhead power lines create significant risks; including electrocution, serious burns, and death. Any voltage that causes sufficient current to pass through the heart is potentially fatal. Other risks include fires and explosions that may immobilise the equipment involved.


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