February Safety Bulletin

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It's obvious when you think about it. Tyres are what connect your forklift to the ground, so anything that adversely affects their grip will also increase the risk of an accident – which is why it pays to keep a close eye on them. There are several types of tyre checks you can implement:

First is the daily check by the driver. Quick and easy, this involves examining the tyres and the tread for anything unusual; checking that the rims are damage-free and there are no loose elements in the wheel itself. Heavy tear and wear or damage is a useful way of alerting managers to hazards such as rough terrain or kerbs, in which case, remedial action can then be taken.

A Site Better

A Site Better....

In such uncertain times, optimising resources is essential - whatever your industry. With storage, handling and distribution accounting for as much as 90% of a total production cycle, streamlining operations offers opportunities for the greatest dividends.

By pinpointing everything from damaged equipment to inefficiency, regular site inspections allow you to uncover potential problems and - more importantly - spot opportunities for maximising efficiency.

January 2014 Safety Bulletin


Why Forklifts Fail

There are many situations that can lead up to a tipping accident, but in all cases the truck's stability has been compromised by poor understanding of the basic principles of forklift stability.

At the heart of truck stability is the so-called Stability Pyramid. Forklift trainers recognise the pyramid as one of the most difficult yet important concepts to teach. A major problem, recognised by health and safety regulators, is that there is not enough training time to ensure this principle is actually understood.

December Safety Bulletin

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Recent studies by safety agencies make grim readings for forklift operators. Tipping accidents are confirmed as one of the biggest causes of fatal accidents in the workplace. In almost all of these cases, the driver was 'mouse trapped' between the forklift and the ground, causing massive trauma to the head or upper body.

November Safety Bulletin

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With summer fast approaching, it's important to emphasise the risks of heat stress in the workplace. The dangers of working in the summer heat and the importance of keeping hydrated were the focus of a WorkCover NSW awareness campaign earlier in the year. With the weather warming, it's important to revisit the key facts.

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