Why Choose MLA

More and more companies are choosing MLA because MLA has a strong focus on customer needs, and ongoing commitment to delivering quality, cost-effective material handling solutions.

Reasons why more companies are choosing MLA...


MLA is a national forklift company with over a 30 year history of distributing robust, quality and dependable Mitsubishi forklifts that are 'built to last'.


MLA provide a wide variety of equipment options, container handlers, forklift attachments and application specific forklifts to suit all requirements.


MLA has a fleet of mobile service technicians and a proven spare parts supply record. We can service every forklift.


With MLA you work with an experienced customer focused team of professionals so you save time, save money and maximise the return on your investment.


With stand-in and stand-down equipment options to suit our customers business changes and seasonality.


MLA are committed to workplace safety and protecting our environment.


MLA distribute Mitsubishi and MLA-Vulcan products which are world leading in quality and reliability with advanced technology making them the brands of choice for all applications.

What is value? Is it the cheapest forklift? Is it the most reliable? Obviously, there's no point saving a few dollars on the purchase price if the machine needs constant repairs or if replacement parts are expensive. Environmental impact is also part of the value calculation these days. And let's not forget operator safety. All the other savings pale into insignificance if a single staff member is injured.

The most important aspect of choosing the right forklift for your operation is to consider your application and its needs. Food businesses are strongly encouraged by OHS standards, but not obliged, to operate with electric forklifts. However with heavy capacity forklifts, the only viable option is diesel power.

If you need to operate a large fleet, there are economies of scale that favour electric forklifts regarding battery charging and maintenance cost. There is also a strong case for LPG supply when shifts are long. In a small to medium warehouse operating in narrow aisles battery electric forklifts will minimise exhaust fumes.

As you can see, there are many different elements to consider. MLA offers obligation free professional assessment and advice so that you get the best forklift solution for your business.

Why MLA Vulcan ?

Why Mitsubishi ?

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