1.0t to 3.0t - 4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Brand: Mitsubishi
Model Name: FB10(H)CA - FB30CA Series
Model: Electric Forklifts
Capacity: 1.0 - 3.0 tonnes
Fuel Type: Battery Electric
Maximum Lift Height: 7000mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 3405mm - 4015mm
Tyre Type: Solid/Pneumatic
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The FBCA series from Mitsubishi offers you a package of energy efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance that will boost your productivity and lower your costs. Maximum output from your operators is ensured by powerful AC drive and hydraulic motors, on-demand electric power steering, a comfortable cabin and ergonomic controls. At the same time, low-maintenance systems and components will minimise downtime and expense.

With no fewer than 14 models and eight capacities on offer, and a choice between standard and high performance versions, you are sure to find one that's right for your business. Each can be quickly programmed to meet a variety of needs, and for more specialised needs you can choose from a complete range of optional features.

Performance :

  • Powerful AC drive motor provides high torque - even at fast speeds - for rapid acceleration, great ramp performance and smooth,quiet, controlled operation.
  • Powerful AC hydraulic motor provides high torque for rapid but smooth - and controlled - lifting and lowering.
  • New generation control system adjusts acceleration, travel speed, lift/lower speed and braking to suit the load, application and driver - for great versatility.

FB10-30CA-4-wheel-electric easy-access-to-compartments


  • Small turning circle - truck can turn within its own dimensions - allows operation in very tight spaces.

FB10-30CA-4-wheel-electric small-turning-radius

Comfort / Ergonomics:

  • Ergonomic operator compartment -equipped with adjustable steering column, short and easily reached hydraulic levers and other carefully positioned controls - reduces driver fatigue and increases precision.

FB10-30CA-4-wheel-electric delux-full-suspension-seat  FB10-30CA-4-wheel-electric easy-on-of-access


  • Integrated Presence System provides a parking brake alarm, a seat belt warning light and a hydraulic and travel interlock system for added safety.

Ease of Use:

  • Long service interval -500 hours - and lower maintenance requirements of AC motors, brakes, CAN-bus electrical system and other components reduces downtime and bills.
  • On-board diagnostics and fault memory folder keep operator and service engineer aware of any problems, speed up servicing and help prevent damage.
FB10-30CA-4-wheel-electric easy-to-read-diplay  FB10-30CA-4-wheel-electric neutral-safety-system
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