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Fleet Safety Tips: Best Practices For Forklift Use

Fleet safety – for all asset types – is something every organization strives to improve. Safe use of material handling equipment allows for a more productive working environment. Below are some tips to help you spread the word on material handling equipment safety:

1. Ensure proper training: Each operator should be well-trained and qualified to operate the equipment.

2. Complete a thorough inspection: Conduct a pre-shift inspection of the forklift, including brakes, steering, warning devices, safety devices, mast, tyres and controls. Note any issues and do not use damaged equipment until it is fixed or repaired.

3. Carry loads correctly: Loads should be secure and appropriately sized for the equipment in use. When carrying a load, be sure to go forward up ramps and in reverse down ramps. Lower the load to travel height and carry it with a slight back tilt while in motion. Only raise and lower loads while the forklift is not in motion.

4. Travel at a safe speed: Travel at a safe speed for the workplace environment. The forklift should maintain a safe distance away from people and other moving or stationary equipment.

5. Remove the key: When not in use or unattended, turn off the forklift and remove the key from the ignition, to prevent unauthorised operation of the forklift.

6. Implementing a Fleet Management System: Mobile device management allows a business to connect their technology hardware with the business’ back-end systems to enhance the visibility and information managers have
to hand when making decisions.

MLA have developed MLA FleetControl, a Fleet Management System to provide businesses with the ability to effectively manage their fleet remotely. MLA FleetControl uses intuitive technology to link your business with your
material handling equipment, optimising the performance of operators and forklift fleets and is the most advanced and functional forklift fleet management technology available. MLA FleetControl focuses on improving safety and
compliance while increasing productivity and reducing costs associated with managing any size forklift fleet.

Safe forklift operation is encouraged by the prevention of untrained or unauthorised staff operating equipment. Operator compliance is made easy with automated operator pre-start checklists which identify any maintenance issues before equipment is used.

By following these tips and implementing a Fleet Management System such as MLA FleetControl you will be able to set a foundation of safety for the use of material handling equipment in your work environment.

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