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Forklift Attachment Safety

Forklift attachments are used to transport certain loads that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to transport, increase fuel savings by reducing the number of forklift movements required and boost productivity by increasing efficiency. Fitting attachments to a forklift also reduces its load capacity, raising safety concerns in the process.

WorkCover NSW states that; “Attachments include any side shift devices, jibs, extension tynes and specifically designed devices for load manipulation or carrying.”

It is crucial to remember that if an attachment is fitted to a forklift, the dynamic and operating characteristics may change, making it necessary to de-rate the forklift capacity and restrict some operating controls. A change in a forklift’s centre of gravity may make the forklift unstable and susceptible to tipping over incidents. All forklifts must have details of the attachments and the rated capacity when using the attachment listed on the forklift’s load rating plate.

Attachments must be designed for the forklift that they are to be fitted to. Make sure the attachment is secured correctly and safely on the forklift. Because different attachments have a different effect on the forklift’s capacity and stability, it is advised to always travel at a safe speed and take greater care when manoeuvring the forklift. When selecting an attachment, WorkCover NSW advises that attachments must be:

  • Designed by a competent engineer
  • Manufactured by competent people
  • Safely used on the forklift

Specific skills require additional training and supervision. Employers must ensure that where attachments are used, further training is given to forklift operators and adequate supervision is provided. It’s important that operators understand the effect attachments have on a forklift’s capabilities before they operate it.

MLA Holdings are able to rate and fit a wide variety of attachments to its Mitsubishi forklifts. All attachments provided by MLA are manufactured by and sourced from competent suppliers.

Information for this article was sourced from WorkCover NSW.

Download the pdf here.