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October 2014 Safety Bulletin

All new forklifts and used forklifts are required to have a load capacity plate, this plate displays important safety information for the operator of the forklift.

A forklift’s load capacity is defined as the maximum load in kilograms that a forklift is able to safely transport and stack, when operating on a hard level surface, the mast in the vertical position, with maximum lift height at a specified load center distance in millimeters. The load capacity data plate specifies the load each forklift can safely transport and stack at different mast angles or when it is fitted with an attachment and must be located within direct view from the operator’s position.

Section 14 of the Australian Standard 2359.1-1995 states that; ‘Trucks and attachments shall bear the information specified in Clause 14.4 by the use of legible, permanent and accessible nameplates and markings. Nameplates shall be durable, corrosion-resistant and mechanically attached to a permanent part of the truck or attachment. Information shall be valid for the truck or attachment on which it is displayed.’

The information that needs to be displayed for load capacities is outlined by Clause 14.4 of AS2359.1-1995 and reads as follows;

  • a) For each powered industrial truck fitted with forks dimensioned to handle Australian Standard pallets, the rated capacity in kilograms at the 600 mm load centre.
  • b) For counterbalanced powered industrial trucks, the rated capacity in kilograms at the standard load centre, in millimetres.
  • c) For each industrial truck, the alternative capacity in kilograms.
  • d) For each attachment other than forks, the model number or catalogue number of the attachment.
  • e) For high-lift trucks, maximum lift height, in metres or millimetres.
  • f) For trucks with tilting mast, forward and reverse tilt angles when unladen, in degrees.
  • g) The height at which any travel speed changes are automatically imposed.

Workers with insufficient awareness of a forklift’s load capacity are placing themselves and those around them at serious risk. The use of clearly marked load capacity plates is therefore of paramount importance. All workers also need to be aware of the risks associated with exceeding a forklift’s load rating capacity.

All forklift trucks delivered by MLA Holdings are fitted with legible and valid load rating capacity plates that comply with the Australian Standard. Information for this article was sourced from Australian Standard 2359.1-1995.

Download the pdf here.