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Introducing a New Age of Forklifts Powered by Lithium-ion Batteries

Look around you. Virtually everything that you see has at one point been moved by a forklift, whether it be its components or as a finished product.

To most people, forklifts are the invisible muscle in the production chain, so not surprisingly we can overlook how new technology is delivering on efficiency, safety and sustainability.

A perfect example is the application of new generation Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which we’re more familiar with in mobile phones and laptops. 

For over 100 years, lead acid batteries have been the mainstay of the world’s transport industries, and they have been successfully deployed in forklifts since the industry’s inception in the 1920s.

Now, Li-ion batteries have reached our industry, offering compelling advantages. And we are pleased to announce that Li-ion powered pallet movers and stackers are available in Australia thanks to MLA Holdings’ exclusive dealer partnership with Noblelift. 

This giant of the industrial equipment manufacturing sector has a reputation for pursuing technical innovation, sustainability and excellence. One outcome of its heavy investment in research and development is the pedestrian range of Noblelift machines incorporating Li-ion batteries.

Thanks to their Li-ion batteries, these machines offer valuable advantages over traditional lead acid battery alternatives, including rapid charging, longer run time, zero maintenance, improved workplace safety and absence of emissions.

They have several advantages in any industrial setting, and are unquestionably a perfect fit for sensitive industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Advantages of Lithium-ion Batteries

  • Longer run times for vehicles (up to 5 x longer)
  • Zero maintenance (no monitoring of acid and water)
  • Reduced hazard exposure for operators
  • Suitable for rapid charging
  • No harmful gas emissions

MLA has a full range of Noblelift Li-ion pedestrian operated machines available.

The smallest in the range of Li-ion powered pedestrian pallet movers is the PT12Li.

It is the ideal choice for pallet transportation over short-distance or in confined spaces. With its environmentally-friendly Li-ion battery, it is especially suitable for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries where clean working environments are paramount.

The agile PT12Li excels in performance and reliability. With a capacity of 1.2T, this ergonomic pallet mover uses core components from world leading brands, allowing for easy maintenance and reliable performance. CAN-bus (Controller Area Network) technology and the safety of a low positioned tiller that allows for a small turning radius, makes the PT12Li a perfect match for confined spaces. 

Its other advantages include the capacity for “opportunity charging” with no risk of battery damage occurring. This means a battery can be charged during breaks and other down times, eliminating the need to swap batteries in and out of machines. Li-ion batteries delivers substantially longer run times, up to five times greater than lead acid batteries, and they don’t contain acid or require water, so are 100% maintenance free.

The biggest machine in this range is the PT16L-25L series with a capacity of up to 2.5t and is the first choice for truck loading and unloading as well for pallet transportation on short distances.The PS14 RP Reach Stacker comes with a high-performance AC drive system, electric power steering and all lifting and travel options. These combined make the total logistics performance of this forklift impeccable.

While the initial purchase cost of Li-ion battery machines is higher than for forklifts with traditional lead-acid batteries it remains a smart investment considering the longer run times, improved operator safety and increased productivity through rapid charging.