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Reach Stacker – APN July 2014

CHANGES in world trade and the shipping environment have created ever increasing competition between ports in Australia and around the world. Improved logistics systems and infrastructure have forced previously non-competing ports into head-to-head competition as their frontiers increasingly overlap. Ports, therefore, are continuously challenged, both physically and operationally. Quality equipment is of paramount importance, it can give a company that sought after advantage that will separate it from the competition. When it comes to loading and unloading empty and full containers, the MLA Vulcan MKII Reach Stacker is the ultimate workhorse. These machines are engineered with unique stability features, ample power, rugged construction, extraordinary operator visibility and manoeuvrability.

MLA has partnered with the SANY Group to produce the ultimate range of heavy equipment to suit the unique qualities of the Australian market. This range includes reach stackers, empty laden container handlers and forklifts between 16 – 46 tonne capacity for exclusive distribution in Australia and New Zealand. The Vulcan MKII from SANY Germany separates itself from other Reach Stackers by its outstanding stability and performance. For the operator a new steering and inching system along with an ergonomic multi-function control joystick ensure outstanding control, easy operation, and an efficient working environment.

Internationally these Reach Stackers are widely used in large and medium sized ports, and is regarded as extremely effective equipment because it achieves maximum space utilisation on container terminals. They are able to do this by having superior handling speeds, unrestricted stacking capabilities, and outstanding manoeuvrability. It has the ability to reach to the second row with a full container and the third row with light weight containers. Furthermore, it can be used for second rail line applications when equipped with the stabilizer option.

Based on its overall performance and after-sales service provided by MLA Holdings, the Vulcan MKII has become the hottest port machinery product in the Australian market. Given the dynamic nature of the ports industry, the Vulcan MKII is a powerful, reliable, and efficient machine that will provide its owners a competitive advantage…

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